The work of Maurizio DI Feo studies the concept of time and space. All his artwork is a self-portrait.



Combination of modern and antique objects. The time is the connection between these elements. These works present three dates in the title. The first date regards the production of the most ancient object in the artwork.

The second date concerns the moment when the artwork has been completed.

The third date, called ATR (Average Timeless Result), where past and present are connected in a perpetual and illusory controlled moment.

EX: DEATH DANGER 1887 – 2017 / ATR 1952


130: 2=65

1887+65= 1952

ATR 1952



Photos of modern and antiques objects.

In these photos the time is the intangible element. The still life show on the title three dates.

The first date concerns production of the most ancient object of the work. The second date indicates when the artwork has been completed. The third date is the middle, called ATR( Average Timeless Result) where past and present are joint in an eternal and controlled moment.

The artworks are two –dimensional, print on paper and there is not used the past production.

In these artworks the two-dimensional is necessary to remove the dimension concept.



The illustration works by Maurizio Di Feo constitute exceptionally suggestive paintings. Surprising and unobvious arrangements direct the viewers’ thoughts towards completely unexpected directions. In his works we encounter the aesthetics of the past civilization of steel and coal. What we find there are women, factories, ports, shipyards, rockets, former measuring devices, as well as images of historical figures. The colours of collages limited nearly completely to grey tones, remind of the screen of a black and white TV set.

Justyna Adamczyk



In these last work the form is very rigorous.

These works leave the time and enter an unknown dimension….the space.

The space is not a place around us but it is understood as alternate dimension. The primary color is black.

The black removes the appearance. The black like an idea of purity, in a pure dimension without time as title shows.